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Capstone Project

What is the Capstone Project?

The senior Capstone is a project that demonstrates the skills developed in Global Studies, and integrates one or more of the Global Studies themes. The seniors develop an essential question, which drives their learning throughout the year. A research paper, along with two other products, are produced. The products can be anything from an art piece, to a case study, to a podcast. The Capstone Project culminates with a final presentation in May where all of the seniors present the work they have accomplished.

Electic car ting.jpg

My Capstone Project

For my Capstone Project I have created the essential question: What is the relationship between electric cars and climate change? For my products I wrote a research paper investigating the impacts of electric vehicles on climate change, and I held a workshop during my school's Social Justice Day where I talked about led a workshop called "Climate Change and Refugees".


Capstone Products

In addition to investigating a topic, a major piece of the Capstone Project is to create two individual products. One is a research paper and the other is a student's choice. To see my products head to the Capstone Products page or click below.

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